Working at NWAF

NWAF is staffed entirely by willing volunteers, many of whom take a week’s holiday to be there. The only paid staff are those involved in managing the halls and providing the food.

Volunteer staff is needed at all public sessions of the beer festival during the event and also for setting up and taking down, so your help is needed — even if you can only manage a few hours.

If you would like to work at the festival, we’d love to see you in Norwich!

Our staffing form for volunteers is now available. The Staffing Form is below VOLUNTEER HERE>>

You should also make yourself familiar with Health and Safety guidelines set out in the Health and Safety Handbook for Beer Festival Volunteers - a copy of which can be found by clicking on this link

Please note that a confirmation email will NOT BE SENT IMMEDIATELY after you submit the form online. We will however be in touch with you in January 2017 with more information. Should you have any queries, please email them to staffing@nwaf.org.uk

We recognise that the main reason for volunteering is for your love of the CAMRA family, meeting up with old friends and making new ones as well – oh and making our next festival the best ever!

Here though is some more information that may help you answer questions you may have about how we will look after out volunteers in Norwich!


Refreshments and food will be available for the days of set up and take down. A dedicated staff area to give our volunteers some rest and relaxation time is also provided. This area will be stocked with soft drink refreshments and tea and coffee, plus maybe some biscuits will be provided during the days we are open to the public as well.


We recommend that to get the best deals on accommodation that you book early. There is a wealth of places for you to stay during your visit to Norwich and NWAF. Make the most of your trip and extend the stay to take in more of Norwich and Norfolk as well. We would recommend that you use one of the best accommodation finding sites there is on-line:- CAMRA’s very own What Pub. Follow this link to discover more http://tinyurl.com/zwdtcpq

Or of course flick through your copy of the Good Beer Guide the next time you are in your local pub!

There is also the Visit Norwich website to check out as well http://www.visitnorwich.co.uk/stay/, we are sure these tools will help you find your little oasis. Of course there is always the option of looking up friends and family you have in Norwich already and seeing if you can use a spare room they have!

A subsidy for overnight accommodation, to include breakfast where offered, is available. This may only be claimed where it would be impossible or unreasonable to travel to Norwich and back home on the day or days you are volunteering to work. Additionally you would need to work three of the day shifts relevant to the overnight accommodation allowance you are claiming and this would have to include the final session of the evening which is 8pm to 11pm.

Please bear in mind the accommodation allowance is for those volunteers who live well outside of Norwich. If you have any doubt as to potential qualification then please emails staffing@nwaf.org.uk for clarification.

The accommodation allowance is set at the daily room rate you paid or a maximum of£40 per person per day (plus VAT if you have a valid VAT receipt), whichever is the lower.

If you plan to Volunteer and claim the allowance then you will need to source your own accommodation and generally speaking pay for you own accommodation in advance of any claim you then make for the accommodation subsidy.

Then while the festival is open you can fill in a simple claim re-reimbursement form, available from Staffing.

Please complete all areas of the claim form and importantly sign and date the form as well and of course please also remember your receipt, a valid VAT receipt will be required where applicable. Claims will only be considered if you have that all important receipt!

The Staffing duty manager or Treasurer will consider and approve each claim and reimburse you (or not) as appropriate.