Beer List for The National Winter Ales Festival 2017

We will bring you a range of ale styles from golden to dark!

Our ale choosing panel are busy contacting brewers up and down the country to help them in their mission of sourcing ale from across the UK, with a view to ensure we have a truly national spread of real ales for you to enjoy.

The ales choice will reflect what we can get for you in Winter (some ales have been especially commissioned for the festival) and we will be spanning Mild, Bitters, Best Bitters, Strong Bitters, Golden Ales & Speciality Beers.

Please remember that the selection of all ales will naturally dwindle as the week progresses.


The UK’s very best Winter ale styles will be there after being judged in the Champion Winter Beer of Britain competition against each other in order to crowned CAMRA’s Champion Winter Beer of Britain 2017.

These Categories are:

Beer Lists

Woodforde's Brewery Bar - DOWNLOAD LIST

CountyBrewery LocationBreweryBeerStyleABVDescriptionHall
NorfolkWoodbastwickWoodforde'sGold n' GreyGolden4.3A classic aromatic golden ale infused with earl grey blue flower and bergamot to tantalise the palate.Blackfriars
NorfolkWoodbastwickWoodforde'sNelsons RevengeBitter4.5Rich dark and fruity. A complex and smooth drinking bitter. Dundee cake in a glass.Blackfriars
NorfolkWoodbastwickWoodforde'sNorfolk NogOld4.6Echoes of Pontefract cake dominate. A plummy sweetness is aided by a dry bitterness and a hint of caramelBlackfriars
NorfolkWoodbastwickWoodforde'sSimcoe PaleGolden3.6Simcoe Pale, named after a delicious, popular American hop, pours a light golden colour with notes of citrus, passion fruit and pine, laced with a touch of grapefruit..Blackfriars
NorfolkWoodbastwickWoodforde'sWest Coast WherryBitter3.8Fresh and zesty with crisp floral flavours with Amarillo and Cascade hops.Blackfriars

Green Jack Brewery Bar - DOWNLOAD LIST

CountyBrewery LocationBreweryBeerStyleABVDescriptionHall
SuffolkLowestoftGreen JackBaltic TraderStout10.5Extra Strong Imperial Stout with smooth rich roasted coffee & vanilla flavours.St Andrews
SuffolkLowestoftGreen JackGolden BestGolden3.8A golden bitter ale with great aroma, crisp bitterness, balanced malt and a hoppy finish, drink it before Craig does.St Andrews
SuffolkLowestoftGreen JackGone FishingBitter5A strong, deep amber coloured Ale, fruity with a hint of apple and malty very drinkable for it’s strength.St Andrews
SuffolkLowestoftGreen JackMahseerIPA5Strong IPA style beer with hints of lemongrass, elderflower and orchard fruits, quite bitter.St Andrews
SuffolkLowestoftGreen JackRed HerringSpice5Rich, fruity red ale, inspired by the German rauch bier style, is brewed with oak-&-beech-smoked malts to provide a rich aroma, subtle, smoky flavour and dry, smoky finish.St Andrews
SuffolkLowestoftGreen JackTrawler BoysBitter4.6A dark copper-coloured premium bitter with chocolate, fruit, malt and hop flavours, named after the local football club.St Andrews

Lacons Brewery Bar - DOWNLOAD LIST

CountyBrewery LocationBreweryBeerStyleABVDescriptionHall
NorfolkGt YarmouthLaconsAffinityGolden4.8A bouncy citrus nose. Orange notes soar over an astringent hoppiness softened by a gentle malt background. A growing hop finish.St Andrews
NorfolkGt YarmouthLaconsAuditBarley Wine8This strong dark copper barley wine has a prominent flavour of berry fruit, laced with pronounced spice. The finish is warming, smooth and sweet. A unique style of beer with ‘hop wine' overtones.St Andrews
NorfolkGt YarmouthLaconsEncoreBitter3.8Grapefruit and hops dominate throughout. Well balanced, with soft sweetness contributing to a gently tapering finishSt Andrews
NorfolkGt YarmouthLaconsLegacyBitter4.4Malty nose with some biscuit. orange maltiness. Malt, hop and citrus beginning. Increasingly bitter finish.St Andrews
NorfolkGt YarmouthLaconsOld AleOld4.1A modern interpretation of a recipe from 1963. Chestnut hued with a dry, malty base and cherry undertoneSt Andrews
NorfolkGt YarmouthLaconsOld NoggBitter6A warming mild bodied ale, with a slightly nutty flavour, this ale is aged for over 3 months brewed to a recipe dating from 1926St Andrews

Maris Otter Bar - DOWNLOAD LIST

CountyBrewery LocationBreweryBeerStyleABVDescriptionHall
SuffolkStowmarketMuntons MaltingsLime SaisonFruit5Saison yeast provides a spicy, farmhouse style of beer, which is complemented with fresh lime. The beer is lightly hopped with low bitterness allowing for the fresh flavours to shine through.St Andrews
NorfolkHindringhamNorfolk BrewhouseMoongazer Chocolate Orange StoutStout4.5A rich, complex stout offering a robust roasted, liquorice bitterness while the addition of cocoa powder, marmalade and orange peel add a subtle smoothness and after taste.St Andrews
NorfolkHindringhamNorfolk BrewhouseMoongazer Five CandlesBitter5A fruity ale with a blend of 5 malts and 5 hops. Maris Otter is the main malt. The hops are; Cascade, Goldings, Mount Hood, Motueka and Chinook.St Andrews
NorfolkHindringhamNorfolk BrewhouseMoongazer Gold IPAIPA5Well hopped IPA combines USA and UK hops to deliver a fruity IPA which builds in bitterness leading to a crisp, dry finishSt Andrews
NorfolkHindringhamNorfolk BrewhouseMoongazer Golden AleGolden4A fresh citrus aroma and well-hopped character, with fruit and hop flavours carrying through to the refreshing, crisp, dry finishSt Andrews
EssexWithamBaird MaltingsNene Valley BrewFruit4.8A juniper rye beer using rye and Maris Otter barley. Brewed by Nene Valley Brewery of Oundle using Baird Maltings malt.St Andrews
Spain La VegaCerveza Dougall’sInviernoBarley Wine7.5An English style winter ale but brewed in Spain. The ale uses British Maris Otter malt plus, Crystal, Brown and Chocolate Malt while the hops Magnum and Palisade provide a pleasant bitterness and flavourSt Andrews
NorfolkGt RyburghCrisp MaltingsMaris Norfolk GoldGolden4A fruity golden ale using Maris Otter Extra Pale from Crisp Malting – heavily dry hoped with USA hops, as blended by Norfolk Brewhouse’s new Head Brewer Bruce Ash. A fresh citrus aroma with subtle spicy undertones.St Andrews

Blackfriars Bars - DOWNLOAD LIST

CountyBrewery LocationBreweryBeerStyleABVDescriptionHall
NorfolkBeestonBeestonMagnificent MenIPA7.2A fulfilling taste journey starting with warm fruity malts, and with time, moving satisfyingly slowly into an expanding hoppy bitterness.Blackfriars
NorfolkBeestonBeestonOld StoatwobblerStout6Legendary silky black smooth ale was previously a Norwich Festival winner when brewed by Spectrum Brewery. Andy Mitchell has assisted us in continuing with this exceptional recipe.Blackfriars
NorfolkBarshamBoudiccaGolden TorcGolden4.3A complex blend of late hopping is at work here. All with a steady base of malt & bitterness underneath it, & done with only the merest hint of grapefruit/citrus.Blackfriars
NorfolkBarshamBoudiccaPrastos Cherry PorterPorter5.2Prasto's Porter with just enough cherries to bring out the flavour. Full bodied in the mouth, dry with a subtle smokey finish.Blackfriars
NorfolkBrancaster StaitheBrancasterBestBitter3.8A refreshing session ale with a touch of citrus on the finish.Blackfriars
NorfolkNorwichChalk HillBlack AnnaStout4Roasted smokeyness with chocolate coffee notes.Blackfriars
NorfolkNorwichChalk HillFlintknappersDark Mild5Red hued and creamy. Malt dominates a well-balanced mix of flavours including roast, sweetness and dates. Malty sweet finish.Blackfriars
NorfolkBarfordGolden TriangleMosaic CityGolden3.8Light golden ale made exclusively with Mosaic hops, hence the name. A distinctive flavour with plenty of body for the abv.Blackfriars
NorfolkBarfordGolden TriangleShenanigansStout5.2A rich silky smooth milk stout with Chocolate and Coffee flavours.Blackfriars
NorfolkHarlestonGrainWinter AshWheat5Malt-driven winter beer. Rich and dark, Belgian inspired wheat beer.Blackfriars
NorfolkHindringhamNorfolk BrewhouseTobi's Golden BallsBitter4Fruity but with a good bitterness, dry finish, brewed to raise awareness of testicular cancer.Blackfriars
NorfolkCromerPoppylandSmokehouse PorterPorter5.7Mellow smokey style porter with a hint of coffee, oak and marmite.Blackfriars
NorfolkGt YarmouthTombstoneSanta FeBitter5A fruity ruby ale with a twist of cinnamon.Blackfriars
NorfolkNorwichWinter'sGeniussStout4.1A dark brown stout that has a smooth mouthfeel with a grainy edge. Roast dominates throughout but is balanced by a mix of malt, a bittersweet fruitiness and an increasingly nutty finish.Blackfriars

St. Andrews Bars - DOWNLOAD LIST

CountyBrewery LocationBreweryBeerStyleABVDescriptionHall
SuffolkSouthwoldAdnamsEarl HellesReal Lager5Pale Lager infused with bergamot from the earl grey tea.St Andrews
CumbriaAmbelsideBarngatesRed Bull TerrierBitter4.8An assertive roasty red beer with full mouthfeel. Initial sweetness and luscious fruit, give way to a lingering bitter finish.St Andrews
West MidlandsBrierley HillBathamsBitterBitter4.3A pale yellow, fruity, sweetish bitter, with a dry, hoppy finish. A good, light, refreshing beer.St Andrews
West MidlandsBrierley HillBathamsMildDark Mild3.5A fruity, dark brown mild with malty sweetness and a roast malt finish.St Andrews
StaffordshireBrownhillsBeowulfBeormaBitter3.9A perfectly balanced session ale with a malty hint of fruit giving way to a lingering bitterness.St Andrews
EssexBillericayBillericayBillericay DickieBitter4.2A balanced amber ale with biscuit notes.St Andrews
EssexBillericayBillericayChapel St. PorterPorter5.9Rich dark porter with chocolate, coffee & other complex flavours.St Andrews
North YorkshireMashamBlack SheepBest BitterBitter3.8A hoppy and fruity beer with strong bitter overtones, leading to a long, dry, bitter finish.St Andrews
North YorkshireMashamBlack SheepGolden SheepGolden3.9A balanced blonde beer with a dry and refreshing bitterness. Light golden in colour with fresh citrusy fruit flavours and a clean, crisp finish.St Andrews
NottinghamshireGiltbrookBlue MonkeyGuerillaStout4.9A creamy stout, full of roast malt flavour and a slightly sweet finish.St Andrews
NottinghamshireGiltbrookBlue MonkeyMarmosetGolden3.6Brewed using 100% Centennial hops which give a fresh floral aroma & flavour with a deep bitter finishSt Andrews
West GlamorganSwanseaBossBixWheat4.6Of the Belgian Witbier Variety, meaning it is smoother and easier-going than its German Weisse counterparts. Orange peel and coriander seeds present, with the proteins left in for more flavour and for the fuller body and rounder mouthfeel that you'd expectSt Andrews
North YorkshireMaltonBrass CastleEclipseIPA5.7An East Yorks version of the fashionable US West Coast hop-forward IPA. Bitterness is balanced by malt sweetness in our IPA and dry-hopping rounds out the aroma.St Andrews
StaffordshireBurton-Upon-TrentBurton BridgeBramble StoutFruit5Aroma of roasted malt, sweet blackberry, chocolate, some coffee and a little sourness, with a smooth, fruity finish.St Andrews
StaffordshireBurton-Upon-TrentBurton BridgeEmpireIPA7.5Light in colour, strong and heavily hopped, about as near to a classic IPA you can get.St Andrews
CambridgeshireCambridgeCambridge BrewhouseKings ParadeBitter3.8A good traditional English bitter with moderate biscuity malt and resiny hop throughout and a hint of caramel. Dry finish.St Andrews
NottinghamshireNottinghamCastle RockHarvest PaleGolden3.8Pale yellow beer, full of hop aroma and flavour. Refreshing with a mellowing aftertaste.St Andrews
NottinghamshireNottinghamCastle RockJenny FarrPorter4.2Chocolate Orange Porter, deep ruby to black coloured with fairly bitter zestiness.St Andrews
NottinghamshireNottinghamCastle RockRed Riding HoodBitter4.3A robust malty beer with, balanced bitterness and a fruity aroma of apricot and peaches.St Andrews
SuffolkIpswichCliff QuayBitterBitter3.4Pleasantly drinkable, well-balanced malty sweet bitter with a hint of caramel, followed by a sweet/malty aftertaste. A good flavour for such a low gravity beer.St Andrews
SuffolkIpswichCliff QuayBlackjackPorter4.2Unusual dark porter with a strong aniseed aroma and rich liquorice and aniseed flavours, reminiscent of old-fashioned sweets. The aftertaste is long and increasingly sweet.St Andrews
North YorkshireHarrogateDalesideMoroccoSpice5.5A rich dark spiced ale.St Andrews
West SussexHorshamDark StarArt of DarknessBitter3.5A low gravity beer with a big heart using a range of dark malts that bring classic roast flavours along with a hint of sweetness. Warrior bitterring hops are used along with a blend of finest aroma hops to add fruit and spicy favours in perfect balance.St Andrews
West SussexHorshamDark StarPartridgeBitter4Traditional Sussex style 'Best' bitter. Made using the finest Pale Ale, Crystal and Chocolate malts with East Kent Goldings hops to make this a very interesting yet drinkable beer.St Andrews
SuffolkEarl SohamEarl SohamJolabruggBitter5Pale bitter with a slight fruity taste leading to distinctive malty undertones.St Andrews
SomersetBathElectric BearPersuasionGolden3.8Easy drinking pale ale with a citrus aroma almost with a lagerish feel.St Andrews
SomersetBathElectric BearSpilt MilkStout5Vanilla flavour on the mouthfeel leading to sweetish chocolate/coffee finish, with a hint of marzipan.St Andrews
West YorkshireEllandEllandCatch the RainbowGolden4.1Tropical fruit nose with a spicy malt finish.St Andrews
NorfolkSnettertonElmtreeNightlight MildDark Mild5.7A heavy mix of liquorice, roast and malt infuses aroma and first taste. A sweet spiciness slowly develops.St Andrews
NorfolkSnettertonElmtreeWinter SolsticePorter4.6A malty chocolate and vanilla bouquet with a matching first taste. The sweet caramel background quickly fades. Silky mouthfeel.St Andrews
NorfolkNorwichFat Cat BreweryMarmaladeBitter5.2Orange and malt pervades both aroma and taste. A full bodied mix of balanced flavours. A finish with bittersweet hoppiness.St Andrews
NorfolkNorwichFat Cat BreweryPorterPorter5.5Dark chocolate and vine fruit to the fore in aroma and taste. Deeply red,t he finish goes on and on.St Andrews
LondonChiswickFuller's1845Bitter6.3A rich beer with a fruit cake aroma, spices and nutmeg from malt and hops resulting in a dry, fruity finish.St Andrews
LondonChiswickFuller'sLondon PorterPorter5.4The dark roast malt gives bitter and slightly dry characteristics to this smooth black porter, which has caramelised fruit notes that are more pronounced in the flavour and finish.St Andrews
StrathclydeCairndowFyne AlesJarlGolden3.8Has strong citrus notes,through use of the Citra hop. A very light,golden ale that can be drunk in any season!!St Andrews
Isle of WightRydeGoddard'sFuggle Dee DumBitter4.8Brown-coloured strong ale with plenty of malt and hops.St Andrews
Isle of WightRydeGoddard'sWinter WarmerBitter5.2A really full flavoured ruby-black beer with dried fruit and bitter chocolate malt notes, leading to a rich, sweetish, fruity finish.St Andrews
East SussexDitchlingGodstoneBitter EntropyBitter5.3A strong smooth bitter ale, celebrating the years when Godstone held the monopoly for supplying gunpowder to the state.St Andrews
East SussexDitchlingGodstoneNot SoStout3.7A white stout with hints of pear and apple along with a distant vanilla herbal flavour.St Andrews
NottinghamshireWorksopGraftonBlack AbbottsStout5A true roast flavoured beer the Amarillo hops make it smooth dark and dangerous with a great roast after-tasteSt Andrews
NottinghamshireWorksopGraftonLady RubyFruit4.5A dark ruby coloured ale made with Cherries. Hint of cherries on the nose, on the palate a bitter start which then finishes with a cherry bomb on the back of the tongue. An easy drinking ale.St Andrews
CornwallBodminHarbourIPAIPA5Amber strong bitter-cum-golden ale with heady citrus hop aroma. Hoppy bitter taste and finish with citrus fruits but subdued malt.St Andrews
CornwallBodminHarbourSessionGolden4.3Aromatic with tropical fruit and floral notes and a dry fruity finish.St Andrews
East SussexLewesHarveysPrince of DenmarkStout7.5Based on traditional recipes from the 18th Century, a complex beer with aromas of leather, chocolate and liquorice, with a lingering taste.St Andrews
East SussexLewesHarveysXXXX OldOld4.3A soft, full beer with a nutty palate more like an "old" style mild with notes of caramel and treacle.St Andrews
ClackmannanshireDollarHarviestounBitter & TwistedGolden3.8Refreshingly hoppy beer with fruit throughout. A bittersweet taste with a long bitter finish. A golden session beer.St Andrews
CumbriaHawksheadHawksheadItiGolden3.5Named after the Maori word for ‘little", crisp with citrus and floral aromas on the nose and huge flavours of gooseberry, grapefruit & tropical fruit.St Andrews
CumbriaHawksheadHawksheadWindermere PaleGolden3.5Fruity with an aroma of tangerine and grapefruit, leading a slight malty sweetness.St Andrews
DenbighshireDenbighHeavy IndustryDiawl BachBitter3.8Citrus fruit flavours feature strongly in this uncompromising, hoppy bitter. The acerbic, tart taste continues long into the aftertasteSt Andrews
West MidlandsDudleyHolden'sGolden GlowGolden4.4A pale golden beer with a subtle hop aroma plus gentle sweetness and a light hoppiness.St Andrews
West MidlandsDudleyHolden'sOld AleBarley Wine7.2A dark brown barley wine with a lingering hoppy sweetness and . Hints of dark fruits.St Andrews
OxfordshireHook NortonHook NortonDouble StoutStout4.8A blend of malts gives Double Stout a character all of its own. Black malt enriches the colour and teases the palate with an unmistakable ‘toast' flavour. Brown malt gives it the dryness.St Andrews
OxfordshireHook NortonHook NortonMildLight Mild2.8A chestnut brown, easy-drinking mild. A complex malt and hop aroma give way to a well-balanced taste, leading to a long, hoppy finish that is unusual for a mild.St Andrews
WiltshireDowntonHop BackSummer LightningGolden5straw-coloured beer with A fresh, hoppy aroma and a well rounded, malty flavour with an intense bitterness which leads to an excellent long, dry finish.St Andrews
LincolnshireHorncastleHorncastleLiliths LustBitter4.1Traditional reddish bitter, malty & full bodied.St Andrews
LincolnshireHorncastleHorncastleWicked BlondeGolden3.9A zingy and delicately fruity session ale , subtle.St Andrews
Gt LondonHackneyHowling HopsPaleIPA3.8Session style IPA with a grapefruity lemony tropical fruit cocktail aroma, light and refreshing.St Andrews
Gt LondonHackneyHowling HopsPale XXGolden5Strong grapefruity and resinous hop aroma. Hops and fruit dominate with a biscuit sweetness lingering in the bitter dry finish.St Andrews
NorfolkReedhamHumpty DumptySpark ArresterStout5Special brew for NWAF. Tweaked from the original brew.St Andrews
NorfolkReedhamHumpty DumptySwingbridge StoutStout4.1Dark chocolate is the signature in both aroma and taste of this full flavoured dark hued brew.St Andrews
West YorkshireIlkleyIlkleyDinner AleGolden3.3Distinctive golden ale brewed from a recipe dating back from 1884 but with a dded new world hops.St Andrews
RenfrewshireGlasgowJaw BrewBreakerGolden6.8American style pale ale with a hint of mango (no dingoes) and subtle fruity taste.St Andrews
RenfrewshireGlasgowJaw BrewFathomDark Mild4Sweetish Guinness style mild ale, smooth with a slight treacle taste.St Andrews
RenfrewshireBarrheadKelburnCart NoirPorter4.8A unique combination of 5 malts and 3 hops producing a smooth, dark, spicy porter with hints of chocolate and blackcurrant.St Andrews
KentBirlingKentBlack MirrorStout4.5Dry-hopped Stout, A traditional Stout with modern US and NZ hops for extra aroma and flavour.St Andrews
KentBirlingKentSession PaleGolden3.7A light and hoppy session beer with hints of citrus and elderflowerSt Andrews
StaffordshireKinverKinverEdgeBitter4.2Amber with a malty aroma. Sweet fruity start with a hint of citrus marmalade in the spicy edged malt; lasting hoppy finish that is satisfyingly bitter.St Andrews
NottinghamshireHucknallLincoln GreenArcherIPA4Packed with 3 of the biggest hitting American hops. This American style IPA punches above its ABV.St Andrews
NottinghamshireHucknallLincoln GreenHoodBitter4.2Tawny coloured ale with balanced hops and bitternessSt Andrews
DunbartonshireAlexandriaLoch Lomond60/-Dark Mild3.8Very sweet and malty dark brown 60/- ale.St Andrews
DunbartonshireAlexandriaLoch LomondSouthern SummitBitter4SIBA Supreme National Cask Champion 2016. Light blonde but highly hopped with Summit and Citra hops. The palate is fresh and fruity, with hints of grapefruit and lemon which lead on to a crisp, light bitter finish.St Andrews
Gt LondonNorth FinchleyLondon BrewingBeer StreetBitter4Well balanced coppery brown best bitter with the hoppy bitterness underpinned by the caramelised malt character. Fruit is present throughout.St Andrews
CheshireLymmLymmChirotheriumOld5.5Really rich and smooth with elements of bitter cocoa and a little bit of red fruit. Named after Triassic fossil.St Andrews
West YorkshireLindleyMallinsonsNelson SauvinGolden3.8A golden coloured ale, with a citrusy grapefruit nose, a hoppy citrus taste followed by a similar finish.St Andrews
West YorkshireLindleyMallinsonsSingle Hop MosaicGolden4A pale blonde with a spicy fresh nose, a bitter sharp grapefruit flavour, and a bitter intense finish.St Andrews
StaffordshireBurton upon TrentMarston'sPedigreeBitter4.5Pale brown with a sweet hoppy aroma. Malt with a dash of hop flavours give a satisfying tasty finish.St Andrews
CambridgeshireMiltonMiltonJustinianBitter3.9Straw-coloured bitter with pink grapefruit hop character and light malt softness. Very dry finish.St Andrews
PowysMontgomeryMonty'sDark SecretStout5.6Gluten free Oatmeal Stout with chocolate and coffee flavours.St Andrews
SomersetBridgwaterMoorRevivalBitter3.8An immensely hoppy and refreshing pale ale.St Andrews
Tyne & WearNorth ShieldsMordueNorthumbrian BlondeGolden4A blonde beer with a citrus aroma and hoppy finishSt Andrews
Tyne & WearNorth ShieldsMorduePandarilloGolden4.2Part of the experimental panda range golden pale ale with Amarillo and Citra hops.St Andrews
NorthamptonshireOundleNene ValleyEgyptian CreamStout4.5A Milk Stout with a velvety mouthfeel and a deep, full richness created with a range of malts and flaked oats with a little extra lactose sweetness. The beer the pharaohs wish they had inventedSt Andrews
NorthamptonshireOundleNene ValleyRelease The ChimpsBitter4.4A pale malt base gives a crisp mouthfeel that allows late-addition and dry hops to come through with a clean punchy bitterness and a good deal of hop flavour for such a light beer.St Andrews
EssexPentlowNethergateAugustinianBitter4.5A pale, refreshing, complex best bitter. A fruity aroma leads to a bittersweet flavour and aftertaste with a predominance of citrus tones.St Andrews
EssexPentlowNethergateUmbel MagnaSpice5Old Growler flavoured with coriander. The spice is less dominant than in Umbel Ale, with some of the weight and body of the beer coming through.St Andrews
WarwickshireMoreton-In-MarshNorth CotswoldHung Drawn 'n PorteredPorter5Strong, dark coloured porter with Bramling Cross hops and a malty finishSt Andrews
WarwickshireMoreton-In-MarshNorth CotswoldMoreton MildDark Mild3.8A classic dark mild with a nutty palette.St Andrews
CambridgeshirePeterboroughOakhamPreacherBitter4.3A rich, full bodied chestnut coloured beer with a smooth delicate bitterness.St Andrews
SuffolkBury St EdmundsOld CannonGunners DaughterBitter5.5A well-balanced strong ale with a complexity of hop, fruit, sweetness and bitterness in the flavour, and a lingering hoppy, bitter aftertaste.St Andrews
SuffolkBury St EdmundsOld CannonRusty GunBitter4Golden brown bitter with a sharp biscuit malt flavour.St Andrews
SuffolkMarket WestonOld ChimneysGood King HenryStout9.2Classic Imperial stout, multi award winner, star rating in the Good Bottled Beer Guide and listed in the world's top 50 beers on www.ratebeer.comSt Andrews
SuffolkMarket WestonOld ChimneysWalnutBitter6Brown ale with soft sweet chocolate roast malts and compleat nutty fruit finish and a hint of spiciness.St Andrews
KentRolvendenOld DairyAKBitter4Brewed to an historic recipe of a long lost Kent brewery. East Kent Goldings hops give a pleasant fruity character, balanced with a sweet biscuity malt and hints of honey.St Andrews
OrkneyQuoylooOrkneyDark IslandDark Mild4.6The roast malt and chocolate character varies, making the beer hard to categorise as a stout or an old ale. A sweetish roast malt taste leads to a long-lasting roasted, slightly bitter, dry finish. Winning many awards.St Andrews
DorsetBridportPalmer200Bitter5This is a big beer with a touch of caramel sweetness adding to a complex hoppy, fruit taste that lasts from the aroma well into the aftertaste.St Andrews
DorsetBridportPalmerTally HoOld5.5A complex dark old ale. Roast malts and treacle toffee on the palate lead in to a long, lingering finish with more than a hint of coffee.St Andrews
NorfolkReephamPantherBlack PantherStout4.5This dark ale is full flavoured, smooth and complex. It has a bittersweet balance that leads to a dry finish.St Andrews
NorfolkReephamPantherRed PantherBitter4.1Full flavoured brew. Solidly malty in both aroma and taste. Hops, and a residual sweetness, provide balance.St Andrews
CornwallPenzancePenzancePotion No. 9Golden4Golden Ale with floral, grapefruit hops dominating nose and taste. Big bitter taste grows into a complex grapefruit, apricot finish.St Andrews
WarwickshireGreat AlnePuritySaddle BlackBitter5.8Saddle Black is a gnarly black beer using chinook and cascade hops to help give a full smoky and citrus aroma.St Andrews
WarwickshireGreat AlnePurityXPAGolden3.5Easy drinking beer, with plenty of tropical fruits, some leafy hops, slightly biscuity malts.St Andrews
Gt LondonEnfieldRedemptionPaleBitter3.8Well-balanced amber bitter with peppery hops and citrus throughout. Sweet toffee and fruit fades in the slightly dry bitter finish.St Andrews
Gt LondonEnfieldRedemptionTrinityGolden3Refreshing golden beer with strong citrus notes throughout. The strong bitterness is softened by a little sweet malt character.St Andrews
CheshireStockportRobinson'sMagnum IPAGolden4.1Golden, like a Polynesian sunset with hints of lemon, lime and exotic flora.St Andrews
West MidlandsSedgleySarah HughesSnowflakeBarley Wine8Mulled fruitiness and a hint of spice with a sweet finish.St Andrews
CornwallNewhamSkinnersBetty StoggsBitter4.1Copper bitter with gentle hop aroma. Balance of light citrus hops and apple, sweet malt and bitterness. Long finish.St Andrews
DurhamCoxhoeSonnet 43AbolitionBitter3.8An amber ale with excellent clarity with a creamy off-white head having a very good retention period. Smell is a well-balanced malt and hop combo with sourdough and nut note. The taste is exactly what you expect from pale malt and Northdown hops.St Andrews
DurhamCoxhoeSonnet 43Bourbon StoutStout4.3Bourbon, cocoa and oats give this dark beer a rich, full-bodied, chocolatey bitterness.St Andrews
NorfolkNorwichSt Andrews BrewhouseCorkcutters IPAGolden4.3A dry fruity ale more of a blonde than an IPA.St Andrews
NorfolkNorwichSt Andrews BrewhouseKnight RedBitter4.2Slight hint of berry fruits and a little toffee chocoalte to the malty ale.St Andrews
SuffolkSouth ElmhamSt Peter'sCream StoutStout6.5An aromatic, strong, dark chocolate cream stout with a satisfying bittersweet aftertaste.St Andrews
SuffolkSouth ElmhamSt Peter'sFlawlessGolden3.7Flawless is a golden coloured ale, slightly dry in the flavour, allowing the citrus bitterness of the hops to come through.St Andrews
LanarkshireStrathavenStrathavenCraigmill MildDark Mild3.5A well balanced dark mild with a rich chocolate aroma. A blend of American hops give this ale a subtle lingering orange zest aftertaste.St Andrews
LanarkshireStrathavenStrathavenWinter GlowBitter5A hoppy old school bitter with plenty of rounded malts and a almost herbal nose.St Andrews
KirkcudbrightshireCastle DouglasSulwathTri-Ball TributeGolden3.9Tri-ball ( a beer to celebrate racket sports), brewed with three hops (primarily cascade). It is fresh, crisp and blonde, with wheat and pale malts – the ideal session ale.St Andrews
OrkneyBirsaySwannayIsland HoppingGolden3.9Fruity hoppiness with some caramel with a lasting bitter aftertaste.St Andrews
OrkneyBirsaySwannayPale AleBitter4.7Well hopped with US hops yet beautifully balanced by English malt.St Andrews
DevonRoboroughTavyWinter SolsticeOld5A dark ruby beer brewed in the style of an old ale. It is full bodied, with a caramel and nutty malt flavour and a complex fruit aromaSt Andrews
DerbyshireBakewellThornbridgeLucariaPorter6Ice Cream Porter with a chocolate, caramel, sweet malt base and vanilla overtones.St Andrews
DerbyshireBakewellThornbridgeMade NorthBitter3.8Manchester-style session bitter with a golden colour a light hoppiness.St Andrews
DerbyshireBakewellThornbridgeWild SwanBitter3.5Extremely pale yet flavoursome and refreshing beer. Plenty of lemony citrus hop flavour, becoming increasingly dry and bitter in the finish and aftertaste.St Andrews
CambridgeshireLittle DownhamThree Blind MiceLonely SnakeGolden3.8Although standard base to the beer, different hop varieties are used in different batches.St Andrews
CambridgeshireLittle DownhamThree Blind MiceTable LiquorGolden2.8Very dry, light & bitter pale ale. Don't be fooled by its strength, this little beer packs a big hop punchSt Andrews
West YorkshireKeighleyTimothy TaylorGolden BestLight Mild3.5Refreshing amber coloured traditional Pennine Mild. A delicate fruit hoppy aroma leads to a fruity taste with underlying hops & malt. Fruity finish.St Andrews
West YorkshireKeighleyTimothy TaylorRam TamOld4.3A black beer with red highlights topped by a coffee coloured head. Burnt caramel on the nose, sweetish caramel taste leading to a light sweet finishSt Andrews
CornwallTintagelTintagelGwaf TanOld5.5Black old ale, smooth, rich winter warmer. Steeped in chocolate with heavy roast, creamy maltiness, but silky, roast, sweet aftertaste.St Andrews
CornwallTintagelTintagelHarbour SpecialBitter4.8Brown strong bitter with ripe fruity, malty aroma. Rich nutty malt, stone fruits and esters taste, finishing bitter and dry.St Andrews
GwentNewportTiny RebelFugg LifeBitter4.2Hopped using only British hops for perfect bittering.St Andrews
StaffordshireBurslemTitanicPlum PorterFruit4.9Dark brown with a powerful fruity aroma. A sweet plum fruitiness gives way to a gentle bitter finish.St Andrews
HertfordshireTringTringDeath or GloryBarley Wine7.2A strong, dark, aromatic barley wine.St Andrews
HertfordshireTringTringPale FourGolden4.6A blend of four hop varieties and an American yeast, a light and satisfying golden aleSt Andrews
HertfordshireTringTringTeakettle StoutStout4.7Roasted malts and rolled oats produce a rich and complex traditional stout with hints of liquorice. Moderately bitter.St Andrews
StirlingshireLarbertTrystDouble Chocolate PorterPorter4.4Rich, bitter chocolate aroma, with a hint of sugary sweetness, quite black in colour(Black, Black as a ..,No Johnny…) leads to a slight bitter chocolate cake finish.St Andrews
StirlingshireLarbertTrystRaj IPAIPA5.5Exclusively English hopped with balanced flavours, with a hoppy aroma and palate.St Andrews
GlamorganLlanhillethTudorBlorengeGolden3.8A light, pale ale with a fresh citrus undertone. Refreshing during the warm summer months on its own, this ale can also be used as the perfect accompaniment to hot spicy dishes.St Andrews
HampshireLymingtonVibrant ForestNova ForestaBitter3.8A very refreshing well hopped light amber English bitter with a spicy fruitiness balanced by a pleasant maltiness. Very drinkable.St Andrews
WestmorlandIngsWatermillBlackbeardDark Mild3.7Full bodied fruity dark mild with hints of chocolate.St Andrews
Gt LondonHanwellWeird BeardDark HopflerDark Mild2.5A hoppy dark beer, almost in the mild style, boasting pine and chocolate on the nose. Roasted malt and sweet cocoa flavours carry into the taste which is balanced with resinous hop bitterness.St Andrews
Gt LondonHanwellWeird BeardLittle Things That KillGolden3.9Hoppy, fruity golden ale which varies in flavour as the hops that are used can alter.St Andrews
OxfordshireStanford In The ValeWhite HorseVillage IdiotGolden4.1A blonde ale with a complex hop aroma and taste.St Andrews
BerkshireWindsorWindsor & EtonPark LifeGolden3.2A full flavoured light ale with a citrus aroma and taste. No pigeons in this.St Andrews
BerkshireWindsorWindsor & EtonTreetopsSpice4.4This stout has an initial aroma of coffee and is opaque black. The taste of roasted malts is mellowed by overtones of coffee and vanilla, giving it a well rounded finish.St Andrews
East YorkshireWold NewtonWold TopWold GoldGolden4.8A light-coloured summer beer with a soft, fruity flavour with a hint of spice.St Andrews
East YorkshireWold NewtonWold TopWolds WayGolden3.6A golden pale ale, triple hopped to give a fruity bitterness.St Andrews

Cider & Perry List for The National Winter Ales Festival 2017 - DOWNLOAD LIST

Chris Rouse, our Cider and Perry Bar Manager, has already started to identify producers to bring you a range of East Anglia and the rest of the UK product that is available.

County Brewery Location Brewery Cider/Perry Name Hall
Hampshire Southampton 146 Cider Hampshire Heritage St Andrews
Hampshire Southampton 147 Cider Hampshire Perry St Andrews
Norfolk Salle All Day Brewing Whisky Cask St Andrews
Hertfordshire Baldock Apple Cottage Morning Glory St Andrews
Essex Braintree Berties Galanthus Perry St Andrews
Essex Braintree Berties OBSession St Andrews
Leicestershire Hallaton Bottle Kicking Rambler St Andrews
Norfolk Banham Burnard’s Scrumpy St Andrews
Norfolk Banham Burnard’s Stray Pear 2 (Perry) St Andrews
Cambridgeshire Meldreth Cam Valley Scrumptious (SV) St Andrews
Essex Boxted Carter’s Essex Cider St Andrews
Cambridgeshire Bourn Cassels Bourn Bounty St Andrews
Suffolk Boxford Castlings Heath Original St Andrews
Devon Whimple Crafty Cider Traditional St Andrews
Cambridgeshire Hemmingford Cromwell Cavalier Perry St Andrews
Cambridgeshire Hemmingford Cromwell Oliver’s Sweetheart St Andrews
Norfolk Kenninghall Crones Rum Cask St Andrews
Norfolk Kenninghall Crones Special Reserve (Organic) St Andrews
Essex Sible Hedingham Delvin End Waltzing Wasp St Andrews
Essex Mayland Dengie Cider St Andrews
Dorset Chalmington Dorset Star Stargazer St Andrews
Dorset Bournemouth Dorset Sunshine Light St Andrews
Cambridgeshire Duxford Duxford Scrumpy Co. Incider Trading St Andrews
Norfolk Scratby East Norfolk Norfolk Hawker St Andrews
Surrey Wormley Garden Cider Co. Original Garden Cider St Andrews
Suffolk Halesworth Giggler Cider St Andrews
Devon Clyst St George Green Valley Vintage St Andrews
Herefordshire Abbey Dore Gwatkin Farmhouse Perry St Andrews
Herefordshire Abbey Dore Gwatkin Foxwhelp (SV) St Andrews
Monmouthshire Hafodyrynys Hallets National Treasure St Andrews
Wiltshire Chippenham Handmade Crazy Diamond St Andrews
Norfolk Harleston Harleston Ci’der’road St Andrews
Cornwall St Mabyn Haywood Farm Cider St Andrews
Somerset Street Hecks Farmhouse St Andrews
Somerset Street Hecks Perry St Andrews
Hertfordshire Cottered Mayfly Herts Desire St Andrews
Hampshire Selborne Mr Whitehead’s Devil’s Device St Andrews
Hampshire Selborne Mr Whitehead’s Midnight Special Perry St Andrews
Hampshire Selborne Mr Whitehead’s Novo Pyrus Perry St Andrews
Hampshire Selborne Mr Whitehead’s Rum Cask St Andrews
Somerset Nempnett Thrubwell Nempnett Piglet’s Choice St Andrews
Somerset Nempnett Thrubwell Nempnett Piglet’s Perry St Andrews
Herefordshire Leominster Newton Court Panting Partridge Perry St Andrews
Herefordshire Leominster Newton Court Yarlington Mill (SV) St Andrews
Norfolk Hoveton Norfolk Cider Co. Kingfisher “Sweet” St Andrews
Herefordshire Ocle Pychard Oliver’s Classic Perry St Andrews
Herefordshire Ocle Pychard Oliver’s Shazam St Andrews
Bedfordshire Potton Potton Press Pyder St Andrews
Bedfordshire Potton Potton Press Sweet Spot St Andrews
Herefordshire Peterstowe Ross-On-Wye Whiskey Oak Cask St Andrews
Gloucestershire Newnham Severn Cider Farmhouse St Andrews
Cambridgeshire Cambourne Simon’s Annie Elizabeth (SV) St Andrews
Cambridgeshire Cambourne Simon’s Barton Perry St Andrews
Cambridgeshire Wicken Spinney Abbey Monk and Disorderly St Andrews
Nottinghamshire Mountsorrel Thirsty Farmer Cider St Andrews
East Lothian Dunbar Thistly Cross Jaggy Thistle St Andrews
Berkshire Bradfield Tutts Clump Perry St Andrews
Berkshire Bradfield Tutts Clump Royal Berkshire St Andrews
Monmouthshire Crossway Ty Gwyn Festival Ferret St Andrews
Devon Clyst St. Lawrence Ventons Apple Vice (Straw Pressed) St Andrews
Buckinghamshire Wolverton Mill Virtual Orchard Saxon Aelle St Andrews
Dumfrieshire Langholm Waulkmill Mooseheid Perry St Andrews
Dumfrieshire Langholm Waulkmill Wallace 1305 St Andrews
Norfolk Wells Whin Hill Browns (SV) St Andrews
Norfolk Wells Whin Hill Perry St Andrews
Kent High Halden Wise Owl Cider St Andrews

World Beer at National Winter Ale Festival 2017 - DOWNLOAD LIST

We are working on having a strong selection of beers from around the world – will you be able to have a drink from each beer producing continent? Who knows but we hope so!

We will be looking to gather together a selection which matches those who like your old favourites while still ticking the boxes for rare and innovative brews.

AUSTRIABrauerei SchlossSamichlaus DoppelbockDoppelbock14%BottleThis beer is perhaps the rarest in the world. Samichlaus is brewed on 6th December each year and older vintages become more complex with a creamy warming finish.Marquee
BELGIUM3 FourquetsLupulus BruneBelgian Brown8.50%BottleSmooth & spritzy brown with gentle caramel notes blended with a hint of aniseedMarquee
BELGIUMAchelAchel tripelTripel8%BottleWell-made, tasty blonde triple from the newest of the Belgian Trappist breweriesMarquee
BELGIUMBavik-De BrabanderePetrus Aged RedOlde Ale8.50%DraughtAn ideal sweet-sour balance, Full bodied, fruity and refreshingly sour at the same time.Marquee
BELGIUMBosteelsKwakAmber ale8.40%BottleA sweet caramelled orange copper clear aleMarquee
BELGIUMBrasserie d’AchouffeMc ChouffeScotch Ale8%BottleStrong dark ale from well respected village brewery in the ArdennesMarquee
BELGIUMBrasserie De La SenneTaras BoulbaBelgian Pale Ale4.50%BottleThis Belgian ale carries delicious scents of yellow plum and nectarine that meet bitter, grassy flavours on the palate.Marquee
BELGIUMBrasserie De La SenneZinnebirBelgian Pale Ale5.50%BottleGolden blond, malty, with a fine bitterness and a long aftertaste. The scent is complex, developing a fruity-hop intense fragrance.Marquee
BELGIUMBrasserie des LegendesHerculeBelgian stout9%BottleThe mouthfeel is smooth and the beer is moderately bitter with after tastes of coffee, berry and smoky dark chocolate.Marquee
BELGIUMBrasserie DupontMoinette BlondeBlonde ale8.50%BottleA big blonde ale just off dry and hoppier than most of this styleMarquee
BELGIUMBrasserie LefebvreBlanche des Bruxelles WitbierWheat beer4.50%DraughtYou need only take a sip of this delicious drink to appreciate the fresh and mellow flavour with its hints of orange and corrianderMarquee
BELGIUMBrouwerij Affligem / De Smedt (Heineken)AffligemBlonde Ale6.70%BottleAward winning blond Belgian beer. Notes of Bananas, yeast and soft rich fruits. A gentle spice with some nutty notes with a full mouthfeel.Marquee
BELGIUMBrouwerij BoonFramboiseBlended raspberry beer5%BottleTraditional Belgian Lambic, 100% spontaneously fermented with real raspberries adedMarquee
BELGIUMBrouwerij BoonKriekLambic Fruit4%BottleSweetish, tartish refreshing and suptuosly fruityMarquee
BELGIUMBrouwerij BoonKriek Mariage ParfaitLambic Fruit Beer8%BottleAn old style kriek of exceptional excellence, cherries and strong LambicMarquee
BELGIUMBrouwerij De HuygheDelirium RedFruit beer8%BottleA deep, dark red beer with a light pink, compact and lacing head and a soft fruity aroma, with hints of almond and mildly sour cherriesMarquee
BELGIUMBrouwerij De HuygheDelirium TremensBelgian blonde8.50%BottleSurprisingly good if you ignore the pink elephants on bottle & glass with a slight honeycomb aroma dryish malt flavours and good hoppingMarquee
BELGIUMBrouwerij De HuygheFloris- NinkeberryBelgian wheat & fruit3.60%BottleA golden yellow beer, cloudy because of the wheat beer. Discover aromas of mango, apricot, peach and a subtle passion fruit.Marquee
BELGIUMBrouwerij De HuygheFruliStrawberry wit4.10%DraughtIt is a unique blend of white beer and strawberry juice. A balanced and refreshing beer that is packed with strawberry fruit flavour.Marquee
BELGIUMBrouwerij den ToetelerToeteler SpeculoosAmber Ale8.50%BottleThe new Cookie beer, Gingerbread, dried fruit and some floral notes in the aroma. Sweet, spicy and fruity taste with ginger. Quitce nicely balanced and easy to drink Marquee
BELGIUMBrouwerij Roman (Antwerpse Brouw)SeefbierPale ale6.50%BottleAn old style Belgian cloudy blond beer from Antwerp it’s dry, fruity with a lagery flinty edgeMarquee
BELGIUMChimayChimay RougeTrappist beer7%DraughtRuddy coloured, lighter bodied Trappist aleMarquee
BELGIUMChimayChimay TripleTriple8%DraughtGolden Trappist tripel. Initial candy notes lead to final bitternessMarquee
BELGIUMDe Halve MaanBrugse Zot BruneDubbel7.50%BottleBruges Fool. Easy drinking blonde with subtle peardrop flavours and gentle hops at the endMarquee
BELGIUMDe Halve MaanStraffe Hendrik QuadrupelQuadruple11.00%BottleRich dark & sweet warmer with a slightly nutty finishMarquee
BELGIUMDe Halve MaanStraffe Hendrik TripelTriple9.00%BottleStarts soft & sweet with pronounced pear-drop notes but with a lingering hop finishMarquee
BELGIUMDe Halve MaanStraffe Hendrik Wild 2016Triple9.00%BottleVariation on the tripel fermented with added bretanomyces yeasts giving earthy flavours that gain complexity with timeMarquee
BELGIUMDe RankeGuldenburgGolden Ale8.50%BottleThe honey & herb aroma does not prepare you for the massive peppery hop assault on the tongue. Stylish but uncompromisingMarquee
BELGIUMDe RankeXX BitterBitter6.20%BottleHops, hops and more hops, on the nose, the palate and in the afterburnMarquee
BELGIUMDochter v. d. KorenaarBelle FleurIPA6.00%BottleDry hopped IPA packed with grassy aromas & flavours but herb dominating over bitternessMarquee
BELGIUMDochter v. d. KorenaarFinneseTriple5.50%BottleThe aroma is light with, coriander, spices, banana and oranges. Sweet flavour with some ripe berry and spicy notes.Marquee
BELGIUMDolle BrouwersArabierBelgian Strong Ale8.00%BottlePale and dry-hopped, giving a strong aromatic nose & spicy hops on the palate with a dry but almost honeyed finishMarquee
BELGIUMDolle BrouwersOerbierBelgian Strong Ale9.00%BottleMad brewer, artist and architect Kris Herteleer's original mid-brown vinous brew he describes as wet and strong with taste evolutionMarquee
BELGIUMDolle BrouwersSpecial Extra Export StoutStout9.00%BottleEven the rich rum molasses nose does not prepare you for the onslaught of Java coffee & more molasses on the palate. A dark taste sensationMarquee
BELGIUMD'Oude MaalderijOptiumStout8.00%DraughtStout with a roasted malty, smoked, alcoholic aroma. Full sparkling palate. Finish is bitter roasted fruited sweet. Marquee
BELGIUMDupontSaison DupontGolden Ale6.50%BottleGolden, smelling of hay meadows with intense hop flavour, this is a classic saisonMarquee
BELGIUMDuvel MoortgatDuvel Tripel Hop 2016Belgian IPA9.50%BottleFor 2016 the brewers selected HBC 291 from the Yakima Valley in the USA. The typical Duvel palate is enriched with HBC 291 hops providing fresh notes of citrus, black pepper, lavender and roses.Marquee
BELGIUMGlazen TorenJan de LichteWheat Beer7.00%DraughtStrong "double" white, brewed with barley and wheat malts, oats and buckwheat.Marquee
BELGIUMGlazen TorenOndinekeTriple8.50%DraughtA classic Belgian tripel with no added spices or sugarMarquee
BELGIUMJupilerJupiler PilsPilsner5.20%DraughtA clear yellow-coloured beer, which finely balances slight flavours of malt and hops both in the nose and the mouth.Marquee
BELGIUMJupilerJupiler, low alcoholPilsner0.50%BottleHas the same refreshing flavour and golden blond color as the regular Jupiler beerMarquee
BELGIUMLa ChouffeMc ChouffeScotch Ale8%BottleA sweet fruity aroma, the flavour is just as sweet, although hints of cinnamon, aniseed and nutmeg add complexity to the brewMarquee
BELGIUMLefebvreBarbarBlonde honey ale8%BottleHoneyed strong paleMarquee
BELGIUMLiefmansFruitesseLambic Fruit3.80%DraughtA mixed red berry beer giving a fruity sourness with an aged brown ale baseMarquee
BELGIUMLiefmansKriek BoonLambic Fruit6%DraughtFruity sourness from aged brown ale baseMarquee
BELGIUMLindemansFaroLambic with candi sugar4.50%BottleA perfectly balanced sweet syrup taste with a particularly ample sour-sweet finish.Marquee
BELGIUMLindemansGueuzeBlended lambic3.50%DraughtFiltered before being bottled, this is a sweet variation of old gueuzeMarquee
BELGIUMLindemansKriekCherry lambic3.50%DraughtA sparking cherry flavoured brew which is smooth and refreshingMarquee
BELGIUMLindemansAppleLambic Fruit3.50%BottleA fruit beer with a nice balance between the sweetness of red apples, the freshness of green apples and the sour-sweet character of lambic.Marquee
BELGIUMLindemansCassis (black current)Lambic Fruit3.50%BottleThe blackcurrant aromas prevail over all the other scents. It tastes very sweet on the palate with a good acidity resulting in a dry woody note.Marquee
BELGIUMLindemansFramboiseLambic Fruit2.50%BottlePowerful raspberry aromas with a hint of caramel and a slightly sour finish characteristic of lambic beers.Marquee
BELGIUMMusketeersTroubadour IPAUS style IPA5.90%DraughtSoftly fruity with the character of a floral bouqet wuth a citrus accentMarquee
BELGIUMMusketeersTroubadour MagmaTripel & IPA cross9%BottleAn amber colored beer with the bitterness of an American IPA but balanced with the fruitiness of a Belgian Triple.Marquee
BELGIUMMusketeersTroubadour ObscuraImperial stout8.20%DraughtChocolate and coffee, with juicy notes of prune and plum along the way with touches of Vanilla.Marquee
BELGIUMMusketeersTroubadour SpecialeFruity amber ale5.70%BottleFirst malt and spices, and then caramel and aromatic hops return on a second tastiingMarquee
BELGIUMOrvalOrvalTrappist beer6.20%BottleThe idiosyncratic, Saison like amber ale, Aromatically hoppy but not especially bitterMarquee
BELGIUMOud BeerselOude GeuzeBlended lambic6%BottleA classic blend of old and young Lambic beers are mixed to give a refreshing tart beer with apple notes.Marquee
BELGIUMRochefortRochefort 10Quadruple11.30%BottlePossibly the richest of all beers. Perfect to finish the evening, or try with chocolate or Christmas puddingMarquee
BELGIUMRochefortRochefort 8Strong Belgian amber9.20%BottleThe vinous aroma leads to a smooth, rich palate with the reddish brown ale hinting at dark chocolate and raisinsMarquee
BELGIUMRodenbachRodenbach Grand CruSour Brown Ale6.00%BottleOaky, sour but rounded brown ale aged for up to 2 yearsMarquee
BELGIUMSlaghmuylderWitkap Paters StimuloBelgian blonde6%BottleFloral hop and intense yeasty aromas with a velvety mouth feel and a nice bitter hop aftertasteMarquee
BELGIUMSt BernardusAbt 12Barley Wine10.00%BottleLuscious, dark barley wine packed with rich fruit flavoursMarquee
BELGIUMSt BernardusGrottenbierDubbel6.50%BottleLightly spiced bitter sweet brown DubbelMarquee
BELGIUMSt BernardusTripelTriple7.50%BottleOne of the best "abbey" tripels - sweet, bitter and coriander lacedMarquee
BELGIUMSt LouisKriekLambic Fruit4.50%DraughtFruit beer based on lambic. Clear and dark red, fresh and very fruityMarquee
BELGIUMTer DolenArmandStrong Pale Ale7.00%DraughtHuge aroma of US hops with grapefruit & citrus peel notes balanced by a slight fruity sweetness that offsets the final bitterness from dry-hoppingMarquee
BELGIUMTimmermansKriekLambic Fruit4%DraughtAll cherry with a sweet and fruity boquet elegantly tinted with summer cherriesMarquee
BELGIUMTimmermansPeachLambic Fruit4%DraughtSweet and peachyMarquee
BELGIUMTimmermansStrawberry fruitLambic Fruit4%DraughtFresh and fruity rather than sweetMarquee
BELGIUMTimmermansFramboiseLambic Fruit4%DraughtReal raspberry taste and sweetnessMarquee
BELGIUMUrthelUrthel SaisonnièreSaison6.00%DraughtSweetish saison style with very floral hopping but refreshing finishMarquee
BELGIUMVan EeckeKapittel AbtTriple10.00%BottleFlavour packed strong golden tripleMarquee
BELGIUMVan EeckeKapittel BlondeBelgian Blonde6.20%BottleRounded, easy drinking blonde with some sweetnessMarquee
BELGIUMVan EeckeKapittel PaterBelgian Brown6.50%BottleRefreshing brown aleMarquee
BELGIUMVan EeckePoperings HommelbierBelgian IPA7.50%BottlePacked to the brim with the harvest of the Flanders hop gardens around PoperingeMarquee
BELGIUMVan HonsebrouckKasteel RougeCherry Lambic8.00%DraughtRobust yet satisfying balance between sweet and sour cherry fruit and a bitter almond aftertasteMarquee
BELGIUMVerhaegheVichtenaarOld Brown5.10%BottleRefreshing easy drinking old brown ale with good mouth feel and enough oak character from 8 months in the vat to keep it interestingMarquee
BELGIUMVerhaegheDuchesse de BourgogneFlanders Red Ale6.20%BottleWell-respected sweet and sour aged brown aleMarquee
BELGIUMWestmalleDubbelTrappist beer7%DraughtDry fruit flavours and gentle roastiness make this the classic dubbelMarquee
BELGIUMWestmalleTripelTripel9.50%BottleA complex beer with a fruity aroma and a beautiful, nuanced hop nose. It tastes sweet and creamy in the mouth with a bitter touch of fruit flavour.Marquee
FRANCEBrasserie Saint-germainRhubarb IPATart rhubarb IPA6.90%BottleModerately sweet pale malty, fruity and bitter, notes of rhubarb, hints of red berries, rose hip, a slightly peppery spicy yeasty touch.Marquee
FRANCETrois MontsBiére de GardeBiére de Garde8.50%BottlePerfectly balanced between malt aroma, fruity flavours and bitterness. The head is generous, dense and long-lasting.Marquee
GERMANYBayerischer BanhofOriginal Leipziger GoseGose4.60%BottleCloudy orange without head or lace. A mere malt and caramel note in the nose. Well made gose that’s a little sour, sweet and salty. Harmeless but very drinkable.Marquee
GERMANYErdingerDunkelDark Wheat beer5.30%DraughtThis dark wheat beer is rich and smooth with a chocolaty taste and aroma. It owes its full-bodied flavour to the fine hops and dark malt used in its production.Marquee
GERMANYErdingerKristallClear Wheat beer5.30%BottleThis specialty wheat beer gets its crystal appearance from a particularly long filtration process, which gives Erdinger Weissbier crystal its sparkling and refreshing characterMarquee
GERMANYFlensburgerFlensburger PilsnerPilsner Lager4%DraughtA crisp, dry, hoppy pilsener style of beer typical of northern Germany. Light and easy to drink.Marquee
GERMANYFranziskanerHefe-weissbierWheat Beer5.00%BottleBrewed in Munich since 1363, a fresh wheat beer with a good mouth feel.Marquee
GERMANYJeverJever PilsnerPilsner Lager4.90%BottleUsing the same well for over 100 years it has a unique subtle taste of malt balanced with hops.Marquee
GERMANYKrombacherKrombacher PilsPilsner Lager4.80%BottleA distinctive, finely bitter taste and a full-flavoured aroma - a genuine premium pilsner beer brewed from a traditional recipeMarquee
GERMANYMaiselsWeiss Original HefeweizenWheat beer5.40%BottlePleasant fruit notes combines with malt, fruit and clove aroma and just a nuance of nutmeg. Marquee
GERMANYSchlenkerlaSchlenkerla Rauchbier MarzenSmoked dark lager5.10%BottleA wheat ale with light smoky aroma from the use of smoked maltsMarquee
GERMANYSchlenkerlaSchlenkerla Rauchbier Helles LagerbierLager Helles4.30%BottleA delicate beer with touches of smoke that build gently. A beautiful example of a fine lager. Great with meat and cheese.Marquee
GERMANYSchlosserAltbierGerman style brown ale4.80%BottleWith its distinctive fresh and spicy taste, it is as young, lively and vibrant as Dusseldorf itself.Marquee
GERMANYSchneiderAventinus Tap 6Dark Wheat Beer8.20%BottleStrong fruity malt flavour marks this original dark weizenbockMarquee
GERMANYSchneiderMeine Hopfenweisse Tap 5Double Bock8.20%BottleWheat double bock with a strong hop presence to cut through banana fruitinessMarquee
GERMANYSchneiderAventinus EisbockEisbock (strong wheat beer)12%BottleSuper malty and rich, not too sweet and very smooth. Easy to drink despite its enormous alcohol contentMarquee
GERMANYThurn & TaxisRoggenbierRye dark Lager5.30%BottleCopper brown color. Thin persistent white head. Taste is medium sweet, medium light bitter. Aroma is fruity, spicy, malty, herby.Marquee
GERMANYWeihenstephanerHefe WeissbierWheat beer5.40%BottleA golden-yellow wheat beer, with its fine-poured white foam, smells of cloves and impresses consumers with its refreshing banana flavourMarquee
GERMANYWeissbierbrauerei HopfHopf Helle WeiseWheat beer5.30%DraughtLight gold, shiny, fresh and tangy with a typical wheat beer aroma and a fine haze of yeastMarquee
GERMANYWeltenburgerKloster Asam-BockDouble Bock6.50%BottleFull malty aroma & flavour leads to a surprisingly dry finish. From the one of the world's oldest breweriesMarquee
ITALYMenabreaMenabrea Pale LagerLager4.80%BottleA light coloured pilsner-style lager with a full flavour, well balanced with plenty of citrus zest, floral and subtle hop flavours.Marquee
JAPANHitachino NestSaison Du JaponSaison5%BottleA cloudy and warm gold coloued with a heady array of aromas that sway from yuzu citrus and banana to peppery tones, with a light sourness and sweet notesMarquee
NETHERLANDSKoningshoeven La TrappeLa Trappe PuurTrappist Ale (Pale)4.70%DraughtLight blonde with a lovely, lasting head. Floral citrus hop with the aroma of malt and the background of yeast aromas.Marquee
NETHERLANDSKoningshoeven La TrappeQuadrupleDark strong ale10%BottleHints of cloves and nuts, balanced by the sweet aromas of vanilla, raisins and banana.Marquee
NORWAYLervigLucky Jack GrapefruitGrapefruit pale ale4.70%BottleCloudy orange, low offwhite cream. Fairly lightbodied, mellow mouthfeel with a grapefruit tartness and aromatics dominate.Marquee
NORWAYNøgne Ø -PorterPorter7%BottleIn this quite dark ale, dark malts provide flavours of coffee and dried fruit.  Try with dark chocolate, cheese, or red meat dishes.Marquee
POLANDZywiecKrakus Pale LagerLager5.60%BottleA Pilsner Lager brewed according to the original recipe from the best natural ingredients: finest malted barley, choicestMarquee
SPAINDougall'sImperial StoutImperial stout9%DraughtDark color. Thin to medium brown head. Taste is medium bitter. Dry body. Finish is a bit astringent. Aroma and flavour is roasted, liquorice, light hops, light chocolateMarquee
UKSamuel SmithApricot FruitApricot Fruit5.10%BottlePacked with sweet apricot flavours balanced by a gentle lactic sournessMarquee
UKSamuel SmithCherry FruitCherry Fruit5.10%BottleCherry fruit richness backed by marzipanMarquee
UKSamuel SmithImperial StoutStout7%BottlePacked with flavour; scented and roasted barley nose; complexity of malt, hops, alcohol and yeast.Marquee
UKSamuel SmithOatmeal StoutStout5%BottleAlmost opaque, wonderfully silky and smooth with extraordinary depth of flavour.Marquee
UKSamuel SmithRaspberry FruitRaspberry Fruit5.10%BottleMassive fresh fruit aroma & flavour without excessive sweetnessMarquee
UKSamuel SmithYorkshire StingoOld Ale8.00%BottleAged for at least a year, in well-used oak casks deriving fruit, raisin, treacle toffee, Christmas pudding and slight oaky flavours.Marquee
UKBeavertownQuelleSaison4.10%DraughtDry Hopped Saison, sour, citrus, lemons & yeast.Marquee
UKBexarHows DIPAs Your LoveIPA8.30%DraughtDIPA, sweet caramel with hints of mango & biscuitsMarquee
UKCloudwaterIPA Vic's SecretSecret6.50%DraughtIts a secret, so can you guess? If so tell vicMarquee
UKGreensDiscoveryAmber Ale6.00%BottleGluten Free made with Ancient grains, amber ale with malt and hop.Marquee
UKGreensDubbelDubbel7.00%BottleGluten Free made with Ancient grains. Traditional Belgain style nutty brown dubbelMarquee
UKGreensIndia Pale AlePale ale5.00%BottleGluten Free made with Ancient grains, malt and hop balanced with a soft clean finishMarquee
UKGreensLager Dry Hoppedlager4.00%BottleGluten Free made with Ancient grains, clean crisp lagerMarquee
UKGreensTripelTripela8.50%BottleGluten Free made with Ancient grains, bananas and soft easy drinking mouth feelMarquee
UKHardknottLong DropIPAtbcDraughtSession IPA, full of tropical fruits & honey.Marquee
UKHardknottAzimuthIPA5.80%DraughtIPA heading more to an American IPA aroma of pine, pineapple,papaya & citrusMarquee
UKNorthern MonkPatrons ProjectCoffee beer7.40%DraughtBrewed with Cerro De Jesus coffee beans. It is rich and has a deep flavour that is exciting in it’s complex nature and makes this a really moreish brew.Marquee
UKPartizanSaison Lemon & ThymeBlond3.60%DraughtAroma is really fresh and citrusy with the thyme adding touches of spice.Marquee
UKSamuel SmithStrawberry fruitStrawberry Fruit5.10%BottleStrawberry jam in the glass, sweet but with acidity to balanceMarquee
UKWild weatherMeleeBitter5.20%DraughtHas a sweet malty fruitiness. Hopped with Sorachi Ace. Fruity in the close, some lychee notes.Marquee
USAAnchorAmerican PorterPorter5.60%BottleA rich and intense flavour with subtle notes of chocolate, toffee, and coffee.Marquee
USABrooklynScorcher Session IPAIPA4.50%BottleA floral, piney aroma strikes first, followed by a burst of mouthwatering bitterness, a hint of toasty malt and a clean, lively finish burst in to leave you thirsty for moreMarquee
USAKona HawaiiLongboardLager4.60%DraughtA delicate, slightly spicy hop aroma complements the malty body of this beer.Marquee
USALeft HandBlack Jack PorterPorter6.80%BottleEspresso and dark chocolate flavours envelop your senses, with herbaceous hop flavours pulling you from the light.Marquee
USALeft HandWake Up Dead Nitro Imperial StoutImperiaal Stout10.20%BottleThe aroma is of brown sugar and vanilla cream, with hints of roasted coffee. Initial roasty, mocha flavours rise up, with slight hop and roast bitterness in the finish. Marquee
USAOmission Brewery, OregonOmission LagerGluten-free Lager4.60%BottleOmission Lager’s aromatic hop profile offers a unique, easy-drinking gluten-free beer for those looking for a lighter and approachable beer style.Marquee
USAOmission Brewery, OregonOmission Plae AleGluten-free Pale Ale5.80%BottleAmber in color, Omission Pale Ale’s floral aroma is complimented by caramel malt body, making for a delicious gluten-free craft beer.Marquee
USASierra NevadaPorterAmerican Style Porter5.60%BottleDark coloured with a rich roasty taste. Nice and smooth.Marquee
USAStone BerlinGo To IPAAmerican IPA4.70%Canvibrantly hoppy flavours and aromas with a burst of desirably mellow bitterness.Marquee
USAStone BerlinArrogant BastardAmerican Strong Ale7.20%CanThis is an aggressive beer. You probably won’t like it. It's quite doubtful that you have the taste or sophistication to be able to appreciate an ale of this quality and depth.Marquee
USAStone BerlinStone IPAAmerican IPA6.90%Draughtbright, hop-driven flavours, this is the IPA that launched generations of hop fanatics in the US.Marquee
USATwo RoadsLil' Heaven Session IPAAmerican Session IPA4.80%DraughtMade with four exotic hops - Azacca, Calypso, Mosaic and Equinox - the taste is of tropical fruits, specifically passion fruit, grapefruit and apricotsMarquee
USATwo RoadsHoneyspot Road IPAAmerican IPA6%DraughtIt’s unfiltered and uses wheat as the dominant malt backbone. The result is a slightly cloudy, pale IPA with a soft mouthfeel.Marquee
USAVictoryHeadwaters AleAmerican Session Ale5.20%BottleFirm, crisp and aromatically arousing pale ale integrates a soft malt base which underlies streams of herbal hop complexity.Marquee
USAVictoryVital IPAIndia Pale Ale6.50%CanAromas of pine, tropical fruits, and stone fruits precede intense, yet refreshing flavors in this light bodied, golden IPA.Marquee
NORWAYLervigPassion TangPassionfruit wild ale7bottleBig juicy tropical flavours of mango and passion fruit dominate this refreshing sour.Marquee
DENMARKToOlBy Udder MeansMilk Stout7bottleDark, full-bodied and creamy, By Udder Means is everything a milk stout should be. Roasted malts, coffee and dark chocolate bitterness combine with a touch of lactose sweetness before being met by a prominent tart fruitiness Marquee
NORWAYNogneKriek of TelemarkCherry Sour7bottleBrewed with Norwegian sour cherrie from The Lindheim Gardens in the small village Gvarv in Telemark. Sour, fruity with an intense and inviting red colour.Marquee
USAEvil TwinHipster AleUS Pale5.5canYou can taste quality immediately, and this American Pale Ale has it in abundance. It's an astonishingly well balanced beer that uses the US hops as a counter balance to the expressive malt character. This is a beer full of flavour, packed with it and one that could become a benchmark of the style. Evil Twin are knocking out of the park at the moment.Marquee
ITALYAmacordReserva Speciale T.GuerraFruit10bottleThis beer has it all - a velvety feeling from Champagne yeast slowly fermenting over 9 months, freshness and acidity from wild cherry and blackthorn and sweetness from wildflower and acacia’s honeyMarquee